The LSU women’s basketball team had a phenomenal season in 2021, reaching the NCAA tournament and making it to the Sweet Sixteen round. Much of their success can be attributed to the coaching excellence of head coach Kim Mulkey and her coaching staff.

Mulkey, who took over the LSU program in April 2021, wasted no time in implementing her winning strategies and instilling a winning mentality in her team. Her experience as a three-time national champion coach at Baylor University brought a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the LSU program, and her players quickly bought into her vision for success.

One of the key strategies behind LSU’s winning season was Mulkey’s emphasis on defense. Under her leadership, the team became one of the top defensive units in the country, holding opponents to an average of just 53 points per game. This stifling defense allowed LSU to control the pace of games and dictate the outcome on many occasions.

Mulkey’s offensive schemes were also a major factor in the team’s success. Utilizing a balanced scoring attack and taking advantage of their size and athleticism, LSU was able to consistently put up points and put pressure on opposing defenses. Mulkey’s ability to make in-game adjustments and adapt to different opponents’ styles of play was instrumental in the team’s success.

In addition to Mulkey’s coaching prowess, the LSU coaching staff played a crucial role in the team’s success. Assistant coaches Mickie DeMoss, Aaron Kallhoff, and Satou Sabally worked tirelessly to scout opponents, develop game plans, and provide individualized coaching to improve player performance. Their attention to detail and dedication to the team’s success were evident throughout the season.

But perhaps the most important aspect of LSU’s winning season was the players themselves. Mulkey’s ability to connect with her players on a personal level, build trust and rapport, and motivate them to give their best effort every game was key to the team’s success. The players’ commitment to following Mulkey’s guidance, putting in the work in practice, and staying focused and disciplined on and off the court played a major role in their accomplishments.

In conclusion, coaching excellence was the driving force behind LSU women’s basketball’s winning season in 2021. Kim Mulkey and her coaching staff’s strategic acumen, attention to detail, and dedication to the team’s success, coupled with the players’ talent, hard work, and commitment, propelled the Tigers to new heights and set the stage for further success in the future.

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